Core technology:

Electronic supervision code production and technology research and development and improvement of the detection system has always been a top priority for the development of the company, the production of more than five years we have accumulated rich experience in printing, also by churning out generations base solid engineering and technical personnel. The traceability of electronic supervision codes is becoming more and more important as the country's supervision of food, medicine and other commodities is closely matched with the identity card. In 2011, the company purchased two sets of the helon optical spray system:
1) the United States sea longview PS4000 digital inkjet system.
A, available for selection and arbitrary stacking control.
B. It can be combined according to different customer products.
C. Synchronous control of jet printing data, high-speed transmission.
D. Strong system reliability.
E. The printing effect is clear and easy to recognize.
2) hailong visual JS-T series bar code quality online detection system.

Technical features:

system control software and hardware configuration in the form of combination with: encryption dog, monitor, mouse, alarm lamp and alarm, the calculating length and drive take waste, set aside other control interface device functionality
· product system software and hardware can control 1 ~ 2 high-speed laser scanning head (js-ti type) or control 1 ~ 10 high speed laser scanning head (js-tii).
Type 1 ~ 2 columns or 1 ~ 10 bar codes for real-time synchronous detection.
• in the process of database matching and barcode real-time detection, once any error code, error code and heavy code are found, the alarm will be immediately reported. At the same time, can print the correct bill, the wrong bill, the overall bill, the work status display and other functions.
• high-speed scanning head with DS laser high-speed scanning head (import)
• use the whole color standard to detect the electric eye, which can be read in all colors.
• with special encoder and mounting bracket and pressure wheel, ensure the consistency of detection and removal speed.
• the upgrade of the future system and the site increase of detection scanning head.



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