Folder Gluer Captain / Folder Glue Captain

Salary: Negotiable

Working place: Guangdong Province - Zhuhai City - Jinwan District

Department: Printing Department

Number of recruits: unlimited

Job Type: Full-time

Working years: 3-5 years

Education: College

job description:

1. More than three years of experience in machine operation in the printing industry;
2. Technical secondary school or above, age between 25-40; male or female;
3. Have a strong sense of teamwork, quality awareness, and obey work arrangements;
4. Can train second-hand and third-hand independently at work;
5. Good communication skills, able to cooperate with the quality department to actively improve;
6. Treatment: six-day system, salary interview (refer to 5000-6500 yuan/month), including working meals;

Address: No. 22, Anji West Road, Sanzao Science and Technology Industrial Park, Jinwan District, Zhuhai (formerly Zhuhai Wanjiang Printing Factory)
Chenjiang Personnel Department Xiong Jing 0756-7516913 / 7516914


No. 22, Anji West Road, Science and Technology Industrial Park, Sanzao Town, Jinwan District, Zhuhai City

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