Notice on Precautions for Outings in Wugui Mountain, Zhongshan

2022-09-14 14:38

1. Tourist location: Xiaoyao Valley, Wugui Mountain, Zhongshan
1. Participants: Chenjiang's new and old employees in the company, the purpose of the company's organization activities needs to be properly viewed;
2. Event time: June 25, 2016 8:00---17:30 Ride time: 8:00 in the morning and 17:30 in the afternoon
3. Precautions before departure:
1. Uniform work clothes are required, and spare clothes should be brought with them. If you are afraid that you will need to replace them when you play in the water, you will need to bring your own sunglasses, mirror boxes, and sunscreen;
2. The company has bought some food and snacks, and brought water; (put it on the travel company's car as a base)
3. The company should bring heatstroke prevention medicines, such as Huoxiangzhengqi water, Band-Aid, and wind essential oil;
4. Emphasize safety awareness and divide into multiple groups, each of which is led by the group leader; the leader of the first group holds a list in his hand;
5. Those who leave the team without permission, or leave without greeting the team leader or management personnel;
6. When playing games and climbing mountains, remember safety first; don't push or push others;
7. Some projects are self-funded and some are free. Can you understand the content of the project?
8. You can bring your own personal bags or backpacks, and manage your own bags and belongings;
9. Please cooperate a little when taking group photos;
10. Where are the food and water, where are the medicines, everyone should be clear, who is the emergency contact person? Phone number?
11. Bring your own things, such as bags, mobile phones, money, and be responsible for losing them;
12. Who are the people who know how to treat heat stroke? You can find him in an emergency?
13. Don't be late for the meeting in the morning. You can't be wrong with everyone's itinerary plan and time because of one person. Departure at 8:00 in the morning;
14. I hope everyone can play happily, but the CS shootout needs to be explained, and it may be played alone next time!
15. Explanation on wearing work clothes, having meals, not wearing high-heeled shoes and skirts;
16. Your own children and relatives are responsible for their own safety;
17. You can bring your own food and fruit, but you must cherish the water, at least not waste it;
18. Take care of public health, and don't let the staff of the tourism company or the scenic spot talk about the low quality of our company's personnel;

I wish you all a happy travel, a safe trip, and a happy return!


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